mobile learning thesis & toolkit

mobile learning thesis & toolkit

The mobile phone is now a ubiquitous item even among the world’s poorest, and new services and systems offering social and economic benefits are constantly being built around mobile phones to add value to this object.

While studying Product Service System Design, I chose to explore the ‘mobile revolution’ in Africa for my master thesis, later focussing on education and presenting my final thesis Mobile Learning for Africa at Politecnico di Milano in July 2011.

This resulted in the development of the Mobile Learning Toolkit in collaboration with the ITC-ILO (United Nations), designed to empower trainers in developing contexts to integrate mobile learning into their teaching.

This open-source toolkit went viral via social media and is now being used by a number of organisations around the world, as well as being used as part of a worldwide training initiative by the ILO.

The 98‐page toolkit contains 15 mobile learning methods divided into 4 categories that trainers can choose from depending on their needs – whether they’re looking deliver content; assign tasks; gather feedback; or provide support to their training participants. These methods have been designed to be as inclusive as possible, with most requiring only low end devices, allowing interactive learning experiences to be delivered right to the Base of the Pyramid.

My master thesis and Mobile Learning Toolkit can be viewed in full below or downloaded from Scribd.